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Columbus, Ohio | Fox & Lennox photography and freelance help our clients by providing a number of exceptional freelance services. The creators at Fox & Lennox Freelance are committed to helping clients and creatives emphasize the uniqueness of their world.
By providing personalized consultation, our team at Fox & Lennox Freelance are able to capture the essence of our clients' business, brand and world. 

Our services range from content creation services including:
Blog & Article Creation 
Social Media and Website Copy

...to professional photography services including:
Senior Photography
Home, Lifestyle and Brand Photography
Event Photography
Family and Group Photography
and Senior Portraits, too!



Daryia Carson is a talented freelance photographer based in Columbus, Ohio. Specializing in lifestyle photography. 
Daryia Carson's Photography Styles include: 

  • Event Photography
  • Senior Photography
  • Lifestyle & Beauty
  • Professional Head Shots
  • Portrait and Family Photography



Writer | Photographer | Blogger| Digital Marketing Strategist
| Columbus, Ohio | 

Specializing in Freelance Photography and Content Creation


by: Daryia Carson 

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